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Silverlight game/visualization by Telerik

September 6, 2007

Telerik has released a game where you get to “add your weight to help the new Q2 release come up”.  You sign in with your Telerik account, choose your weight and jump on the lift.

My interpretation is that the game aspect comes in where you can reach out and try and get more people on the lift.  Also, I’m hoping to see some surprises come up the rope as we get closer to 0 on the “more pounds to lift” scale.

So you could stretch and call this a MMO, because their are multiple players and it could scale to massive proportions (Sampy would kill me for saying that).

This does come off as an interesting visualization as well.  How many people are looking forward to the next release so much that they jumped on the lift to show their support.  Plus there is a sense of community as you can rollover each little character and see the name and location of who is represented.

I’m looking forward to seeing more visualizations like this.  Perhaps Telerik will release a “Wrokers on the Lift” chart control to add to the Silverlight control suite 🙂

Thanks to Valentin for sharing the photo in the Silverlight FB Group.

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