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SilverlightDevCamp in Chicago this September

September 13, 2007

I mentioned earlier I would be attending the SilverlightDevCamp in San Francisco  (which starts tomorrow, I’m coming to see you Jeff Atwood!  Ok not just you but I felt like pointing).

Well in two weeks, there will be another SilverlightDevCamp held in Chicago (9/28 – 9/29).  I’m not sure if I will be there, but you are most welcome to attend.

Dave Bost has a fair bit of information on his blog and the event exists on the barcamp wiki as well as on facebook.

So far the schedule is showing Silverlight and Facebook, Silverlight and Twitter and an MVC approach to Silverlight.

Prizes are starting to show up too, including a ticket to MIX08.  That’s worth the price of admission right there (which is free…plus the calories and gas it takes to get you there).

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