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Going to SilverlightDevCamp Chicago this weekend

September 24, 2007

The SilverlightDevCamp in San Francisco was a fun time and hopefully we all learned a lot.  It was very useful to hear the stories from people and their initial dive into Silverlight.  The DevCamp was also a good primer for a sequel, which is exactly what’s happening this weekend.

This Friday and Saturday at the Clarity Consulting consulting offices in Chicago, we’ll be getting together for SilverlightDevCamp Chicago.  A schedule has been proposed including an overview of Silverlight (great place to start), Silverlight and .NET which is then followed by more combinations of Silverlight and Facebook, Twitter, MVC and the data-driven world.

To get a feel for one of the sessions you can watch this recording of Beau Ambur in San Francisco.  He walks us through an iPhone replica he made for MIX 07 UK and then Top Banana, an application for editing videos with a very interesting UI.

To see who all has said they are going to the DevCamp, you can check out the attendee list on the wiki, the facebook event page or the twitter feed.

That twitter feed looks kind of empty, I’m going to ask if I can help out with that.  Twitter was a great way for attendees to stay in touch during MIX 07 and I’d love to see something like that happen for this event.

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