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Channel 9 now using Silverlight

September 27, 2007

Let this day, or more accurately late last night, be known as the day of inline streaming media freedom for Channel 9.  No longer is the streaming media restricted to a Windows and IE combination. 

Now if you open up a video page in Firefox, you are not restricted to the little button that causes to open a new window.  You can play it right there inline.

What if, pray tell, you are using a Mac to surf the web.  You too can now access the media goodness from Channel 9, whether you favor Safari or Firefox.

There two more gifts that apply to all viewers.

Firstly, there is now a scrubber that you can drag and drop on the play track starting the video from which ever second you feel appropriate.

Secondly, and perhaps most useful for all of those who blog, you can now embed a Channel 9 video on your site.

<iframe src="http://channel9.msdn.com/EmbedVideo.aspx?PostID=344297" frameborder="0" width="320" scrolling="no" height="301"></iframe>

Granted it may not be the typical format using the embed tag that you are used to, but its more than we have ever had before.

Hail to the Channel 9 team, the Silverlight team and the Expression Encoder team (details)!

And now, I am going to post a recent favorite video right here, right now, just because I can:

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