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My REMIX Boston 07 trip

October 11, 2007

This week I attended REMIX Boston 07 and gave two presentations.  First time in Boston, “go Red Sox!”, I felt left out since I didn’t have a Red Sox hat like everyone else.  Maybe not everyone, maybe just 7 out of 8 people.  Next time I would like to see more of the city, as most of this time was in a hotel or on the train. Their train system was quite nice though, so that was a plus.

The first presentation was an introduction to the Developer and Designer Workflow enabled by XAML and the Expression Suite.  The talk felt like it went off well and many questions were asked.  Luckily I had answers for most.  Still not sure about what happens when Blend 2 ships in regards to the Expression Suite as a whole.  I don’t think its even been decided yet.

The second talk covered my own personal crusade which is “there is more to Silverlight 1.0 than just a MediaElement”.  I showed off three separate demos made for the talk that demonstrated a few less popular features available in 1.0.

I enjoyed putting the talk and the demos together, but I couldn’t really gauge the audiences reaction till the end.  It was the final time slot of the conference but everyone seemed to be listening they were just quiet.  Either they were overwhelmed and their were heads were full from the conference or I just enjoyed the demos way more than everyone else.  I did get some good questions and comments once it was over.  And the third demo was a bit more interactive since I was polling the audience for Xbox Gamer Tags which was fun.

Another contributing factor to the “quiet” I think had to do with the fact that only one person raised their hand that had actually used Silverlight.  I spend all day in Silverlight and sometimes forgot others are still beginning. 

Next I’ll be posting the demos from my talk including PhotoFader, Moon Monsters and Xbox Friends Watch.

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