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Photo Fader – Silverlight demo with code

October 11, 2007

I created this demo for my “There’s more than a Media Element in Silverlight 1.0” presentation that I gave at REMIX Boston.

The demo shows off three different concepts:

  • Retrieving dynamic content from packages
  • Using SetFontSource for custom fonts
  • Sound playback is simple

To fade the photos between each other providing a faux 3D effect move your cursor along the lower dark gray rectangle.

The upper right squares are clickable and show code (lower light gray squares) and modify the demo (upper row dark gray squares that turn orange).

  • Mod 1 – Change the x position text block in the upper right to use a custom font.
  • Mod 2 – Randomize the x position when scrolling on the lower dark gray rectangle, just for fun.
  • Mod 3 – After seeing the photo flip around randomly, I was reminded of a music video and attempted to add sound playback while scrolling the lower dark gray rectangle.  A better job synching the sound and the movement could certainly be done but the concept is there.

Launch Demo
Download Source

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