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Remembering the “yet to install” audience

October 19, 2007

Part of creating a good user experience involves thinking about the design from all different views.  Nice clean seams and edges on the underside of a seat cushion, for example.  Remembering the user who has yet to install or has disabled your plug-in of choice is another example.

If you spend time creating an awesome Silverlight experience which is then linked to by thousands, that could be great.  Or if you have not planned ahead,  your awesome app could end up looking like this to some of your viewers:

In this event the average user would most likely leave and never come back.

Luckily there is a method that ships with Silverlight.js called IsInstalled to make this an easy event to manage.  In the image below you’ll see a few good examples of sites that are providing some context to the usage of Silverlight.

You also see the usage of the InplaceInstallPrompt parameter which can ease the whole install process by providing the license agreement inline as well as beginning the download in place without a page redirect.

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