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Upcoming SilverlightDevCamps

November 1, 2007

Frank La Vigne has organized a Silverlight DevCamp in Washington, D.C. this Saturday November 3rd.  He has the full details on his blog and has been twittering speakers and their session descriptions.  “51 Attendees and Growing!”

On November 10th there will also be a Silverlight DevCamp taking place in Dallas.

Join us on Saturday, Nov 10th for an all-day coding fest on Microsoft Silverlight. We’ll have experienced Silverlight developers showcasing the power of the technology, getting you ready to develop your own Silverlight applications. Then there will be ample time to spend with them developing your own Silverlight applications. At the end of the event, you’ll have the chance to show off your Silverlight application — with prizes for the coolest and most creative efforts. So bring you laptop and your coding hat and come hang with a bunch of your fellow code monkeys!

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending either DevCamp.  I do have a heads up on some of the content you can expect, though.  Tal McMahon showed a great demo in Chicago which he will be presenting in Dallas.  And I believe Rob Zelt will be speaking at the DC camp, comparing Flash to Silverlight.

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