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Xbox Friends Watch – v1.1 has been posted

November 2, 2007

UPDATE: The Xbox Friends Watch project is being revitalized with new versions of the Gamercard and SideBar Gadget on the way! As part of this effort I’ve also created a new feedback forum to collect suggestions and allow you to vote on what features are added next. Latest version of the applications can always be found on Xbox Friends Watch page
– Adam Kinney 12/1/2008

Download 1.1 Now

Performance Improvements
A week ago, I posted the first version of the Xbox Friends Watch Gadget.  I received a lot of great feedback and feature suggestions.  The most noticeable was the excessive amount of memory consumed for some people.  I’ve gone through and optimized, linted and crunched the code.  I’ve run this version for a few days now and although it still runs higher than I’d like(20k) that’s a lot better than the (300k) I had seen before.

Duncan has also optimized and compressed the REST service, the size of the data downloaded is much smaller.

Version Check
Another big feature, is that the gadget now checks to see if it has the latest version.  Definitely something I wish I had added with the initial release. I’m guessing 70% of the people who downloaded the gadget’s first release won’t find this new release or any consecutive ones.

Next Steps
I’ve added a page just for the Gadget and will be adding Suggestions as well as FAQ.  And then I will work on the next update where I will target "access to the gadget context menu", "loading screens" and "more than five friends displayed".

  1. Richard
    December 6, 2009 at 5:17 am

    Installed Siverlight, installed your gadget. The window in the sidebar flickers white for a moment upon pressing “ok” for the entered tags, but then resumes being a blank window.

    looking forward to seeing this gadget working again!

    Silverlight V3.0.40818.0

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