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Silverlight Events on Twitter

November 6, 2007

I subscribe to the internet in general whenever the word “silverlight” is mentioned using a variety of search feeds such as Technorati and Bloglines.  This results in a lot of posts, many times duplicate posts, but I also get the chance to find blog entries I would normally miss.

A grouping of those posts that I find interesting include event announcements.  In this early stage of Silverlight when there are few experts and many who are just beginning, I think local events where someone is speaking to you directly can be very useful.  Documentation is great, but an “in person” chat can be the easiest way to get the zen of a technology.

I started keeping track of these events on the Silverlight wiki on Channel 9.  This works fine for storage but is not very discoverable.  The rss for the wiki is only updated when a new page is added not when a page is edited.

To aid in discovery, I’ve decided to create a new twitter account called slevents, where I will post the stream of events as they come in.  I will continue to post the events to the wiki page in an ordered by date format.  This way we can enjoy the best of both worlds, a stream of new data along with a base reference page.  Plus being a twitter account, its more that just an feed its an accessible object via the well-designed Twitter API.

If you want to learn about Silverlight events happening in your area, follow slevents on twitter, subscribe to the feed or add the events page to your bookmarks.

If you want to have your event added to the feed, send a direct message or reply to @slevents on twitter.

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