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MIX08 wallpaper

November 8, 2007
MIX08 wallpaper

I noticed on the new MIX08 site, that they maintained that they kept the fun MIXTIFY page from last year.  This is the place where you can get all the shiny blog bling, grab the poster and ponder what your entry for Show Off should be, but there is no wallpaper.  A tragedy, I say.

But I’m willing to help out.  I don’t want you to suffer in your pre-conference excitement.

I grabbed the pixels from the poster and moved them around in Photoshop.  I had to stretch the wall to the left to move from a vertical to horizontal orientation.  Complete the left edge of the desk.  Throw in more of the cable cords.  And then justify the shadows across the board, which I based off the flare on the orange clock.


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