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Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter today

November 29, 2007

In building 33 on campus today we have a large number of people who have come to learn more about Silverlight.  Luckily we, we being Mithan Dhar, Laurence Moroney, Arturo Toledo, Ernie Booth, Adam Nathan and myself, have prepared for this day.  We have a nice line up of sessions on the agenda and we have even planned an after sessions get together for those who just can’t get enough.

This post has a dual-purpose of reminding those of you who couldn’t make it that you are most likely missing a good time, but also to be used as a visual during my session.  So if you would like to make a small appearance at the event in an ASCII form, leave a comment and say “Hello”.

And luckily there is no need to worry if you couldn’t make it.  We are video taping the sessions and we’ll post them as soon as they are ready.

Not sure if any of the attendees are twittering the event yet, we didn’t put together a conference account, but I will be twittering later about the event if you wish to follow along.  I’m guessing Tim Heuer will be twittering, too.  He’s pretty good at that.  I always know when he’s flying between airports.

Oh and the Facebook event page is still live, but I’m not expecting much action there.  Event pages seem to be good at getting the word out and organizing attendees, but they are not active during or after the event.  Must be the form factor.  Keep It Simple with Twitter.

If you did make it to the event, congratulations.  I’m happy for you and I hope you learn a lot and have a good time.

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