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ReStyle contest on the MIX08 site

January 9, 2008

Since MIX06, I have been involved with the development of the MIX site one way or another.  This year is no different, I’m just a sucker for conferences about the web, design and Microsoft technologies like, hmm let’s see, Silverlight (among others).

Today we’ve re-launched the ReStyle contest (formerly known as REMIX) by modifying the HTML to be more restyling friendly and providing a Starter Kit with the default and a sample theme.  The sample theme is simply titled “gray”, because that’s what it does.  It just grays everything out and removes images providing some technical suggestions on how you might redesign the site yourself.  You can see the gray theme live on the MIX08 site.

Why would anyone want to spend the time redesigning a site using only CSS and the images they can create?  Besides being educational and fun, there are also prizes.

The designers of the top three entries judged to be the best will receive:

(3) Each winner will receive a trip to attend the MIX08 Conference in Las Vegas, NV, March 5-7, 2008. Trip includes entrance into the MIX08 Conference, 3 night standard hotel accommodations, and a $1000 cash travel allowance .

official contest rules

There it is, the big prize to work towards.  A free trip to MIX08!

Now there is no time to waste.  MIX08 is in 55 days and the contest is over on Feb 1st.  You need to get cracking on a redesign, if you expect to win your way to MIX.

And if you want to hang out with other hopefuls, for the next 3 weeks, join the ReStyling the MIX site Facebook group.  Right now, I’m the only member, and I’m “hopeful” others will show up to the party.

To get the latest news about MIX08 and the ReStyle contest, follow the News blog.

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