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Silverlight Essential Training on Lynda.com

January 10, 2008

Mike Harsh posted about the Silverlight 1.0 video training he recorded with Lynda.com.  Not only does he announce that the training is now FREE (all caps so you can see the word from afar) but he also talks about the experience of the recording and alongside a few photos of the Lynda.com offices.

He makes sure to call out credit to his Training Development Manager Chris Mattia.  And by looking at the content, Chris’ contribution is evident. 

The 4.5 hours of training is broken into several very short and concise videos centering around a single topic.  The quality of the recording goes along with the well-written content.

The training is definitely worth your time if you are learning Silverlight 1.0.  And even you have some experience its worth taking a look at the playlist for topics that you may want to learn more about.

I’ve always heard of lynda.com training, but never used it.  After looking at this content, though, I think I’ll look around for more.

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