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MIX08 ReStyle on Surface – Illustration

January 10, 2008

Yesterday I posted about the MIX08 ReStyle contest and I also happened to see my pal Ernie Booth who recently moved to the Surface team.  Upon reflecting on the day’s events, I started thinking about what it might be like to do a "restyle" using the Surface as a graphic design workspace.

DISCLAIMER:  No text that follows should be taken in any form as a prediction about the direction of Microsoft or any of its products.  This is just me playing pretend, so bear with me.

The image below started as sketch on the whiteboard which was then quickly reformed, painted and "Saved for Web & Devices…" within Photoshop.

The actions portrayed in the image show the left hand pressing down as an anchor gesture for the image, the middle and index finger are distorting the image so as to make way for the important shamrock drawing.

The right hand is holding some digital pen, which can be used as the main cursor as well as an alternate click to bring up the circular context menu.

The arms are only see through as a gratuitous effect, no need to waste time deciphering the meaning.

Maybe we’ll have something like this by 2010 or 2011.  It would make up for not having jet packs yet.

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