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Silverlight News on Twitter

January 14, 2008

For awhile now, I’ve been tracking interesting Silverlight links and articles using my del.icio.us account.  Another Silverlight fanatic Dave Campbell has been tracking worthy links to Silverlight content for awhile as well.  His activity morphed from his daily blog posts to its own site named SilverlightCream.com:

This site is simply an aggregation of links and information about Silverlight applications, code, games, tutorials, or resources produced and hosted by others. The “Search” link on the left provides multiple options to search through the stored information.

If you’re a developer and want to contribute your links to our database, please select the “Submit” link on the left and follow the instructions on that page.

As material is submitted (and moderated) I will post links and information about them based on submittals to this site.

This is all goodness, but after talking to Dave we’ve made a few improvements.  First step, I’ll start posting my links to Silverlight Cream.  One data source for the latest and greatest content about Silverlight is a good thing.

Second step, let’s figure out a way to make it more consumable.  Along with Dave’s editorial posts, he’s also added integration with Twitter.  There is a new Silverlight News account which will be a free flowing list of new links added.

After this we now have a few ways to track Silverlight news:

  • Subscribe to Dave’s Daily Picks RSS which includes his editorial
  • Subscribe to the Silverlight News on Twitter RSS which is unfiltered view of links
  • Use the Twitter API to grab the data in JSON format and render it using a nice widget of some sort

Now to go find some of those fancy widgets…

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