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Jan 26th is the day to start learning Silverlight

January 23, 2008

Of course any day is fine day but while tracking events covering Silverlight, I’ve noticed that January 26th is an especially good day to learn about Silverlight.  There are three events this coming Saturday that include a lot of Silverlight goodness:

Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter in New York – Even though the quality of the logo has degraded over time (I should send them an original),  I don’t believe the content has. This is a free one day event covering all the aspects of Silverlight 1.0: XAML, Graphics, Animation, Media, Developer Tools and Expression Tools.

Seattle Code Camp – This two day event is covering a wide variety of topics, including a few sessions on Silverlight.  Sessions that have been scheduled include Uses for Silverlight 1.0 and Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2.0.  There a few others waiting for a time slot including a session I proposed around the development of a Silverlight-based SideBar gadget.  My plan is to center that talk around a new release of the XboxFriendsWatch gadget, I just need to finish it first 🙂

Second Life .NET User Group meeting – If you can’t make it to New York or Seattle by Saturday you can login to Second Life and listen to Todd Anglin’s presentation on Visual Studio Island.  I had fun last time I was there and brought back a few screenshots.

Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter Videos – And if you can’t make it to New York or Seattle or wake up by 12:00 PM SLT to make it Todd’s session, then you can still take your sleepy self to the Fire Starter video site.  Heck you can go there anytime or even you do make it to one of the presentations above.  Those videos are just waiting to be streamed to you.

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