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Mindscape’s WPF Property Grid

January 25, 2008

Mindscape recently announced the release of their WPF Property Grid.

The Mindscape WPF Property Grid is a 100% WPF component for browsing and editing object properties. Use the WPF Property Grid to rapidly add features such as user configuration, preference editing and domain-specific designers to your application without sacrificing the visual flexibility of Windows Presentation Foundation.

When I looked at some of the screenshots, I quickly flashed back to the long days as a consultant creating LOB apps in Windows Forms.  (Erik knows what I’m talking about)

This looks like it would have been very useful when creating those Master/Detail editing type of applications. I especially liked the Manuscript Browser screenshot.  I think its just because the caption reads “A classic rendering of the WPF Property Grid.” while behind the Grid is a rendering of a classic painting.

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