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HelloSecureWorld.com – A new Silverlight-based site

January 25, 2008

HelloSecureWorld.com is a new Silverlight based site that is focused on educating developers about writing secure code.  Going beyond the basics of writing articles, this site also includes a comic strip, tutorials and video presentations, including some by security guru Tammy Green and some never before published BlueHat presentations.

Another neat feature of the site is the Virtual Laboratory, which using the Microsoft Virtual Lab plug-in allows you to walk through a Hands-on Lab as if you were using Remote Desktop to access another machine.  This not only provides a safe hosted environment, but also instant access to starting the lab.  The only install you may have to wait for is the plug-in which is quick.

What originally caught my eye is the fact that’s all done in Silverlight which is shown off in the media playback as well the intro movie.

“Intro movie?” you ask.  Yes there is one, complete with a “skip intro” button, but I do like how this one sets the mood.  Its quirky enough that you start noticing things that surely must mean something:

  • The number of the studio is 7
  • There is a blue hat-wearing chimp in the elevator with you
  • The chimp’s name is Mr. Corbin
  • The elevator goes up to floor 31
  • Even though you pressed floor 7, the elevator dings 11 times, the chimp gets off, it dings 5 more times and then the doors open.
  • And last of all, your character walks as if he was infected by the disease from “I Am Legend”.

Hhmmm, 7 + 31 + 7 + 11 + 5 = 61.

If you look at the octal values in ascii code and ignore the hundreds you get, 10 + 5 + 14 + 14 + 17 = 60.

I’m missing a 1…

60 + 1 Elevator and you get 61, perfect.

The message is obviously “HELLO Oct(-100)”.  I’m not quite sure what “HELLO Oct(-100)” means though.

Not yet, at least…

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