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SLEvents persisting on Upcoming

January 25, 2008

Recently I’ve been talking about Silverlight News on Twitter and how you can add it to your blog and that’s all up and running fine and dandy.

During this time, I’ve also been continuing to post to the Silverlight Events Twitter account.  This works out great as I continue to find new events while I read my search feeds.  I have a simple format to the post and it takes very little time.

What did take more time though was the reference page that stored all of the events by date order.  I was using a page on the Ch9 wiki, but it was pain ful, in some part due to the formatting of the wiki script and the styling of the page, but mainly because this is live data that is constantly changing.  In order to keep it fresh, I’d have to jump back to the wiki page and remove stale events.

Extra work, no good.

If only there was a site that specialized in events.  And what if that site was already used by other people?  Perhaps they could enter the even be already entering the events there?

Well there is such a site and it is called Upcoming.

Its not a new site, and its not even a new site to me, I joined in 2006.

But it all finally clicked for me.  Why not just store the events on Upcoming and take full advantage of their advanced event handling functionality?


(no I’m not quoting those commercials, I’m quoting Boston Legal, for those in the know.  I know FrankArr knows.  He’s always twittering about that show. Denny Crane.)

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