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Silverlight Comic Viewer on HHH

January 31, 2008

HHH stands for Heroes happen {here} which is a new site centered around events local and virtual where you can test drive Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008.  The site takes advantage of Silverlight  in a few places but one that I saw today grabbed my attention.

HHH has launched a daily comic that turns the real-life stories of IT Pros into virtual entertaining web comics.  It seems like a fun project to work and they have some credible talent behind the wheel.

Being a fan of the Sesame Street rule I like this idea and I think its fun to see a Firewall personified as a laser-toting hero.  But the real reason that I was prompted to write about this was the comic viewer itself.  Its a light-weight framework allowing the content to be the star, but I think its a good example of when using the fullscreen functionality can be very useful.

Similar to the NBA photo viewer (found on the home page of nba.com in the left column) the images look fine in the page, but as soon as you go fullscreen you can see the greater fidelity of the image, or in this case enjoy the detail of the artwork more.

After seeing this I was reminded of a MIX07 presentation by the IdentityMine where they demonstrated a Comic Viewer they had created with WPF.  I wonder what ever happened to that project?

Maybe we could get them to post it on CodePlex for the rest of us to pick up and run with…

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