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Looking for a Windows ‘7’ Evangelist

January 31, 2008

Tim posted today about the new opening for a Windows ‘7’ evangelist.  And he’s not looking for just any old Windows ‘7’ evangelist, but the Windows ‘7’ Evangelist (at this point in time).

It’s pretty interesting to think about when you read his description about the role:

Windows is one of the most complex and sophisticated pieces of software in existence, and since it’s about the most widely-used piece of software on the planet, it’s a pretty exciting project to be working on.

I’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime open position on my team that I’m currently trying to fill – a Technical Evangelist for the next Windows client release. In fact, the Technical Evangelist at this point in time. This is an extremely challenging, high-profile senior role, with tremendous reach and influence across the organization. Not only will you be the first to see what’s coming down the pipeline, but you’ll actually have an influence in setting the agenda for Windows development. This isn’t just any software gig – it’s one of those career-defining roles that puts you at the heart of the software revolution. In years to come, you’ll be able to look back with pride and say, “I was part of that”.

I think that says a lot.  I look forward to seeing who ends up getting the job.  I don’t think there’s much left to do here but plop down a giant Windows logo.

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