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Silverlight Personified

February 4, 2008

A few days ago, I noticed this twit from Josh Russell:

Is the proud owner of a Silverlight superhero costume

I thought, “It couldn’t really be.  Maybe ‘Silverlight’ is a UK-based superhero or something.  Kind of like our American Silverlight superhero.”

After seeing this picture on Flickr, I think I’ve been proven wrong.

UX Evangelist by day, Josh is apparently, a superhero by night.

Given the amorphous properties of the Silverlight logo, I can identify with those who wish to give it a little more character.

Scott Barnes just posted today about his character Dax, a bright blue, utility belt wearing, buck toothed bi-pedal creature guy.

And not to be forgotten, the original blue box from the Keynote Animation done by Nectarine for the web on the piste conference.

Perhaps, we should hold a contest at MIX08 to see who can design the best Silverlight avatar.

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