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Today, I have blue hair

March 3, 2008
oh, the staring...

Something I’ve always wanted to do is dye my hair blue, so that’s what I did this weekend.  Not just spray from a can, but a full on stain of the hair and consequently the scalp.

Although in the picture I look as if I’m questioning the idea, I’m actually very happy about it.  I just like the composition of that pic the best.  You can see a few more pictures posted on Flickr.

Why would I do this?

First, I blame Nightcrawler.  He was one of my favorite super heroes from my comic reading days and he was naturally rocking the blue hair along with blue skin (I have no interest in doing that, btw…).  So that’s where the idea came from.

From there the idea baked forever always in the subconscious.  With the build up of excitement towards MIX08, I often had discussions that ended with "Let’s meet up at MIX".  The issue was many of these discussions were text based with Internet or email only contacts.

So how could I ensure I would meet up with these people in the Halls of MIX?

There you have it, the idea came to the forefront of consciousness and became the answer.

I should be easy to find now, I don’t think there will be a whole lot of blue hair there.  At least not at the conference, I imagine there’s plenty in Vegas (just depends on where you go…and what you pay for).

And there might be a small link to the fact that my current focus is on Silverlight which has a very blue logo.

Maybe not, that might be too cheesy…

Either way, I’m definitely "super-mixcited" to go to MIX!

See ya there, I’ll be the one with blue hair.

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