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Presenting Silverlight 2 at the PDXUX meeting next week

March 14, 2008


Next week I will be presenting an overview of Silverlight 2 at the March PDXUX meeting in Hillsboro, OR, US.

The PDXUX defines itself as:

This is a group for both developers and designers, something unique in Portland as all other groups target either one or the other. The “UX” in the name stands for “User Experience”, something which both designers and developers must care about and work on together in order to succeed. The primary goals of this group include: unity, design, platform, reality.

I’ve always wanted to attend a Special interest Group like this, so why not start by speaking at one.  There is certainly plenty to talk about with the recent release of the Silverlight 2 Beta.  I’ve been holding in Silverlight 2 goodness, I’ll probably just jumble my words together in excitement.

To make up for the possible overly-excited state, I will be bringing copies of the First Look at Microsoft Silverlight 2 book that was included with the MIX08 Swag Bag.  Hopefully enough for everyone, so if you plan to come make sure you let Kelly know.

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