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Interviewed at MIX, audio now available

March 21, 2008

In case you haven’t heard, we meaning Microsoft threw a little party in Vegas this month called MIX.  You should really come visit MIX sometime maybe next year, say around March 18-20th in 2009?

We like to have 72 hour conversations and talk about all the things we have going on for the web.  This year we announced Silverlight 2 Beta 1.

Man I was excited, and maybe after listening to these two interviews a bit overly excited.  On Wednesday I received two emails within 20 minutes of each other notifying me that my interviews had been posted.

First, I was interviewed by Erik Mork from the Sparkling Client podcast.  Sparkling Client is podcast they have recently started, but judging by the production quality and the content, I feel they are off to a good start.  My interview is available as Show 6: interview with Adam Kinney of Microsoft.

Erik and Monica do nice job leading into the content and my favorite interviewee-caught-in-the-headlights quote is when I say “algorithms to be figured out”.  Other than algorithms we discuss Silverlight 2 and the direction that we are headed with it.

The goal of Sparkling Client is to be concise 15-minute podcast that entertains as well as informs their audience about Silverlight and the rich web to come.  You can find more shows on their site SparklingClient.com.

The Thirsty Developer is another podcast that I interviewed for at MIX.  Dave Bost and Larry Clarkin two Microsoft evangelists from the Midwest produce this show which has a nice “hanging out in Chicago” feel.

Dave interviewed me about Silverlight 2 and we cover what it is and what some of the great new features are.

I listened to this one and found a few errors that I should clear up.

  • Templates – when discussing styling and skinning, I meant to discuss templates but ended up discussing the ContentPresenter and its ability to composite arbitrary controls.  This is not changing the template of the control but rather changing the content.  Jose Fajardo has an interesting post covering skinning and styling which is a bit more accurate.
  • Installation – I just wanted to strengthen the point that the installation process is still as customizable as before in 1.0.  Hard Rock has a nice custom screen and FaceOut does too and they include a timer to start the application as soon as Silverlight is installed.  Kudos for the timer!

It was a very fun process to be a part of and I thank both parties for their kind words.

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