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Xbox Friends Watch – releasing v1 of the new Gamercard

April 2, 2008

UPDATE: The Xbox Friends Watch project is being revitalized with new versions of the Gamercard and SideBar Gadget on the way! As part of this effort I’ve also created a new feedback forum to collect suggestions and allow you to vote on what features are added next. Latest version of the applications can always be found on Xbox Friends Watch page
– Adam Kinney 12/1/2008


One of my favorite new features of Silverlight 2 is the new Application model.  Moving on from version 1.0, where JavaScript instantiation was the only way to start your app and you were restricted to the same origin as the web page, enter the Xap.  The new packaging model, not only bundles your assets into one file enabling simpler deployment, it also enables application instantiation via the object tag.  Plus, the Xap can live on a separate server than the web page, which enables the creation of embeddable applications with Silverlight.


More information about Xaps and the new Application Model

Xbox Friends Watch Gamercard

In celebration of this functionality, I’ve expanded on the Xbox Friends Watch line and added a new GamercardXbox.com currently offers a gamercard which renders a fairly static set of html and images which is embedded via an iframe.  Using Silverlight for its interactivity, data stack and portability and the Xbox Gamertag Data Service I thought I would be able to enhance the experience as well as expose the status information provided by the Data Service.

Below is the result of my experiment and using the Gamercard page you can create a script to add the Gamercard to your site.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Add the Gamercard to your page

Next Steps

My next post will include some of the technical details covering how the Gamercard was created and some of the techniques I used to work with Silverlight 2.

If you’re interested in following the saga of the Xbox Friends Watch components you can subscribe to my XBF feed, follow XBF on Twitter or follow XBF on Facebook.

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