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HPC Data Visualizations

June 18, 2008

United States Map



When I’m thinking of a UI or visualization design, its very cool to think of the possibilities when moving from Silverlight to WPF as your platform.  Hardware acceleration, real 3D objects which are fully interactive, DirectX Integration, Custom Effects can really help bring some of the most ambitious designs alive.  After watching a recent HPC case study video though, the features mentioned above seem like just the beginning.

I only understand HPC at high-level, but after seeing the work they can do, its amazing to think that each of the data points visualized are actual and not some random number generated to make an interesting effect.  At this point, I know HPC is only used at an industry application level, but just imagine once this type of power becomes more accessible.  I’m thinking a 3D map of the Internet or something.

Form more information on HPC check out the Windows HPC site.  The have an interesting set of case studies which show how this power is being put to use today.

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