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Xbox Gamercard updated for Silverlight 2 Beta 2

June 26, 2008

UPDATE: The Xbox Friends Watch project is being revitalized with new versions of the Gamercard and SideBar Gadget on the way! As part of this effort I’ve also created a new feedback forum to collect suggestions and allow you to vote on what features are added next. Latest version of the applications can always be found on Xbox Friends Watch page
– Adam Kinney 12/1/2008

Xbox Friends Watch Gamercard

After a few changes the Xbox Friends Watch Gamercard now runs on Beta 2.  The few changes I had to make included

  • updating the project file in Visual Studio to match Beta 2
  • Adding System.Net as a reference since the WebClient class has moved there
  • Changing Storyboard.GetClockState to AnimationInstance.GetCurrentState to match the API update.
  • Moving from ToolTips to the ToolTipService on the HyperlinkButtons.
  • Changing MouseLeftButtonDown event handlers to handle the Click event on Buttons, now that MouseLeftButtonDown event no longer fire.
  • The final change had to do with adding a setting in the AppManifest.xml to allow the XAP to be hosted on a different server than the page its embedded on and still make the cross domain call.  Emil Stoychev has more detail about the X-Domain Scenario on SilverlightShow.

Get your own Gamercard on the script builder page.  Even if you already have the Gamercard on your page, you will still need to update your embed code to reflect the new changes.

Now to find the time to play the Xbox…

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