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Extreme Panoramic Project on Surface and Silverlight

July 9, 2008

Thanks to Scoble for posting the great xRez Studio – extreme pano project video today.  The project itself is interesting and the deliver is the frosting on the cake.

70 photographers hiking through Yosemite Park, toting robotic cameras, and positioned by GPS coordinates.  They then synchronize their shot taking via radio and in 40 minutes they have 10,000 photos of the park.  More details can be found on the Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Project site.

How could you possibly display all of the photos in a usable and effective way?

*cue SeaDragon music*

Screenshots from teh xRez Surface video

Scoble interviews two of the members of the xRez team Eric Hansen and Greg Downing, while they explain the project and demo the application.  Photos are overlayed on top of the shooting location map which is displayed in panoramic, multi-touch zooming goodness.

The video gives you an idea of the interaction of the application and the depth of detail available in each of the panoramas.  Since it did come from Scoble’s phone though, the quality isn’t real high.  For an idea of what the photos actually look like you can check out their xRez Yosemite Shoot photo pool on flickr.

Towards the end of the film Greg mentions that there will be an online version available soon via Silverlight.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for that.

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