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Animation Hands On lab for Silverlight 2

July 10, 2008

This Hands On lab was originally written for a training event we held last month.  While I’m guessing we’ll post in some official fashion in the future I thought why not share it in the meantime.

The Lab is made up of four sections:

  • Animation API overview – a general look at the concepts behind the Animation API including Storyboards, Keyframes and Object Animations.
  • Using Blend to Design Animations – I hold your hand through creating your first animation Blend including which button to push and when.  Screenshots of the buttons are inline with the text.  Tufte would be proud.
  • Reusing Storyboards – This section demonstrates how to use C# code to reuse Storyboards once they’ve run.
  • The Empty Storyboard pattern – I posted about the empty storyboard pattern before and this section walks you through the concept and the code.

I’m a lot happier with this one over the last Animations Lab from MIX08.  That one was very "copy and past this here, now hit F5, and watch some thing move that you don’t understand".  Additionally the Animation API has improved quite a bit from Beta 1 to Beta 2.

If you’re already into Animations in Silverlight this may be review, but if you’re just getting started this should be a helpful primer.

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