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Robby steps up the game with nerdplusart

July 20, 2008

Robby Ingebretson has stepped up the game with his new blog nerdplusart.  Not only does the new site use a sweet Silverlight app for the homepage (with custom blur effect!) but its functional too.  It cleverly provides his latest twitter and song choice along with links to more content.

If you don’t know Robby, you can hear him talk about designers, developers and integrators on Channel 9, which is a discussion about the work he does as an integrator and the future of the role in software dev. 

The site name is not an homage to the new Microsoft Art & Technology site like you might think (ok, we hope you think).  Its an original term from a MIX08 session titled Nerd+Art given by Robby and Nathan Dunlap.

And if Robby’s name is still not ringing bell, one word.  Kaxaml.

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