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Silverlight Games today and more on the way

July 25, 2008

Yesterday Bill Reiss announced the Sports Game in Silverlight Contest which begins August 8th, (the same day as the Olympics, interesting).  Bill has been around since the beginning of writing games in Silverlight.  His blog Silverlight Games 101 began a few days after MIX07 when he started talking about building games with the Silverlight 1.1 alpha.

Due to this expertise this announcement came after speaking at the XNA Gamefest with Joel Neubeck, another Silverlight game writing master.  I really wish I could have been there at the conference.  Along with announcement that you’ll be able to sell XNA Games on the Xbox 360, Bill demonstrated shared code for Windows, Zune and Silverlight.

And now to match the emerging field of Silverlight game creation, you can enter a contest and win some cash.  (Don’t worry, if writing games isn’t your thing then there is still the other two Silverlight contests going on right now.)

So where are these games I speak of?  I’m glad you asked.  I’ve compiled a list below for your viewing, clicking, popping, stacking, shooting  pleasure.

Buddy Knavery
Buddy Knavery is an old-school mini-adventure game built on new technology. If you enjoyed "point-and-click" classics such as Maniac Mansion or King’s Quest, you’ll probably dig this game.
Bumble Beegger
A 2D Silverlight action game called Bumble Beegger. The game uses the Farseer Physics Engine for gravity, movement and collision detection.
Crayon Cannon
Crayon-based games are the latest rage, its as if Elmo has been let loose with Visual Studio and Silverlight. Or in this case Popfly and their new game building updates. Fire the cannon!
Destroy All Invaders
Inspired by Mark Fennell’s Wings Flash game, instead of using Google Maps though, Microsoft Virtual Earth Oblique (Birds-eye) imagery is used. The goal is simple: use the mouse to steer your chopper around and destroy the invading UFO’s before they destroy you. You can use the Ctrl key to accelerate and the left mouse button to fire.
Dr. Popper
Dr. Popper is a puzzle game similar to Bubblet, Jawbreaker, or Bubble Breaker. Connect pieces of the same color, the more the better. Try out the different game modes each with their own strategies.
Standard minesweeper wasn’t quite enough, hex minesweeper just had to be done. Hunt for mines, mark them and don’t blow up.
Line Rider 
Boy grabs sled. Boy rides sled. In Line Rider the player draws their own landscape with a simple pencil tool creating as many ramps, hills, and jumps as they can imagine. Then they send a virtual sledder careening down the course until he wipes out.
Danger! Addictive! A full screen Breakout-like game, with some enhancements: more than 10 bonuses, 11 brick types, teleports, explosives, customizable background sounds and secret level codes, tracks high score and related info using WCF. Login not required to play. The Reflexes rating (click Top Score) adds a twist to the game play.
The game counts down and begins the lander on approach from the top left of the screen. Your job is to bring the lander to a safe slow (and upright) landing on the surface inside the highlighted landing zone. Each level increases difficulty by increasing gravity, increasing initial velocity, decreasing available fuel, and a decreasing landing zone radius.
Stack Attack
Stack blocks on the tray up to 5 high.  Move the tray with the arrows and use the space bar to place the blocks in the pit.
A classic among classics, Tetris is one of the most popular titles in video games history. Tetrislight brings the game to the browser and demonstrates Silverlight’s support for animation, music, fonts, and more.
Tunnel Trouble
Shoot a hole in the wall.  T
hen shoot a hole in another wall.  You can now walk through one hole and over to another.  Pick up gems and items.  Solve the puzzles!
Vector Space: Zero
Destroy the asteroids and enemy ships before they destroy your ship! Dig the retro music and parallax background scrolling!
Zero Gravity
Help Lt. Bennet get back to his home before he strays too far into the void of Zero Gravity.  Use the W,A,S,D keys to jump between blocks, through teleports, tubes, and switches.  You can even be Lt. Bennet’s friend on Facebook.
The electricity is running and your Zombomatic 3000 is broken!  To get it working again, you must create a path for the electricity to follow.  To do this you need to flip over the panels to reveal more conductors.


For more games check out the games list on Mashoo run by Silverlight Girl.

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