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The Continuum Show – Essential Editions

August 7, 2008

Episode 1 of the new show is an 18 minute interview with Phil Haack discussing ASP.NET MVC.  This can be a lot of fun to watch, especially if you are a fan of ASP.NET MVC or Phil Haack. 

But what if you don’t already know about the topics at hand?  Would you continue to watch the video for 3 minutes and 38 second when the question is finally asked "What is MVC"?

Probably Not.

This is where the concept of the "Essential Edition" comes in.  In order to make the video easier to watch by more people, I’ll be extracting out the "Essential" bits into a much shorter video.

After extracting out the tastiest most informative morsels from this video, the end result is a crisp 2 minutes and 41 second interview.  You can now find out what MVC is, what’s new in Preview 4 and how to find out more information in the time it takes to eat lunch at your desk.

I’ll be posting The Continuum Show – Essential Editions on a new YouTube channel and on the TCS Facebook page.  For a sample, check out MVC Preview 4 – Essential Edition.

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