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Lawson Smart Office, an exemplary WPF application

September 3, 2008

Last week before taking off for vacation, I posted a video of Lawson Smart Office.  The application is a great example of what you can do with the power of WPF.  A nice-looking user interface which the user can easily navigate and understand as well as personalize in many different ways.

Here’s a more descriptive quote from Jaime Rodriguez’s post about the Smart Office:

Smart Office is a front-end to Lawson’s suite of applications -which includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Custome Resource Management (CRM).
The best description I have heard for Smart Office is Matt calling it an "information workspace".  A typical user can spend all day inside the app, as such it is a full-screen applications that simulates a shell -they call it a "Canvas"-. It has everything inside the app, window management, quick task switching, sidebar, drag-drop, shell and office integration, and of course lots of screens or apps to interact with the Lawson back-end. Smart Office aims to make an organization’s people more effective, their processes more efficient, and the end-users happier. Smart Office focuses on the user’s needs, and focuses on simplicity and meaningful collaboration to improve user and group productivity.

The video provides a short walk-through of the application with Matthew Allbee from Lawson Software.  High quality screen capture was used to catch the UI in action.

Lawson Smart Office brings WPF goodness to the enterprise

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