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Project Rosetta, From Flash to Silverlight

September 8, 2008

One of the most requested resources we’re asked for, is tutorials showing how to use Flash skills when creating Silverlight projects.  Friday we launched Project Rosetta, which is a new site dedicated to helping designers and developers take advantage of their existing skills.

In the first article, Rick Barraza has written 9 tutorials that include familiar topics like Inertia, Trigonometry and Image Sequencing.  Overall his goal is to promote having fun with Silverlight.  Be creative, even exercise "creative recklessness" as he puts it.

New articles are in the works for the site and will continue to focus on helping designers and developers learn Silverlight and WPF.  If you have new ideas for articles that you would like to see written, please add your suggestion to the discussion thread.

We’ve already received a fair amount of posts and comments about the project (Gilbert’s take on the designer/developer workflow, Shawn Wildermuth has interesting discussion going on in his comments) but my favorite so far is from Florin:

Excellent stuff! Keep up the good work! Never thought I could do so many things in Silverlight.

To track Project Rosetta you can subscribe to the RSS feed or follow the project on Twitter.

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