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Desire is the name

September 16, 2008

I noticed A Website Named Desire was live today.

A Website Named Desire

The content of the site includes an intriguing poster encompassing the world of the keepers of the web.  Along the edge you’ll find all the familiar web titles like Software Architect, Interaction Designer and Information Architect.  From there you can play "Where’s Waldo?" and hunt for them in the poster.  There’s a lot of humor embedded within the poster and its definitely worth the time to try and find a few of the "inside" jokes.

One of my favorite scenes includes a Nerf gun shoot-out which includes Capt. Kirk and an innocent Accessibility Test Engineer caught in the crossfire.  Nearby a Front End Web Developer contemplates his h1 tags. (below)

A Website Named Desire Snapshot

To get your own 25X33" poster to hang on your wall, check out the event list on the site.  The team will be floating around the conference offering their goods.  Be the only one in the office with Donkey Kong, Godzilla and Guitar Hero in the same poster!

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