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Shidonni, interactive drawing fun for kids

September 18, 2008

I just recently found out about the Silverlight-based site Shidonni which describes itself as:

…a virtual universe, where kids and their parents can create their own imaginary world, play games, have fun and interact in a friendly, non-violent environment…

After checking out the site two things caught my eye, first you can draw your own animals.  The tools are simple pencil and fill drawing tools but its all done in Silverlight which is very interesting.  The paths created work out pretty well and I was even able to use my Pen on my Tablet to draw.

Shidonni, drawing tool

After drawing the animal, it then starts to bounce around your scene.  From there you can add a background, food for the animal and eventually play games.  Of course its not quite as complex as the other creature creation game I’ve been playing around with, but it is cool to see your creature "jump" and "eat".

Shidonni, happy gorilla

The site just recently went into beta and you can follow along with them on Twitter.  Looks like an interesting place for kids and a great technical example of creating a drawing tool in Silverlight 2.

Now I need to draw some food for my gorilla…  I feel like Harold with the Purple Crayon 🙂

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