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Learning about WPF Effects

September 22, 2008

Last week I spent some time with Nikola Mihaylov talking about WPF Effects and how Pixel Shaders work with WPF.  Shaders are written in HLSL, which are then compiled and made available to your WPF application.

The nice part is that the WPF framework is doing a lot of the work for you that has been pretty manual previously to set them up. Being fully integrated with the framework also means you can use the DependancyProperty and animate those properties using Storyboards.  This functionality along with the fact that Visual Studio has design-time support Effects makes it pretty easy to get moving on your own Effects or just using existing ones.

Nikola has a simple list showing how to get started along with a custom VS project template to use.  From there I would recommend taking a look at Greg Schechter’s informative Series on GPU-based Effects for WPF.  Greg’s articles have a ton of details, code and even a few sections marked with"<Geek-Out-Alert–Somewhat-Esoteric-Stuff-Here>" tags.

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