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PDC Badges, I’ve got one already

September 25, 2008

This year at PDC we’re starting a new thing called PDC Badges.  Collecting Badges is the way for Attendees to capture their experience at the PDC conference.  You can think of it as applying the Xbox Achievements system to a conference.

Badge holders given to attendees at registration will contain an extra slot to display a custom badge of their choice.  Each attendee will start out with the official PDC 2008 badge and will be given new badges as a result of an accomplishment or in some cases being at the right place at the right time.

After collecting your own PDC Badges, at the end of the conference you should end up with a stack of cards that describe the highlights (maybe lowlights, too) of your trip.  I’m hoping to see pictures of card collections posted on Flickr or the image service of your choice.

Another opportunity available to participate in the PDC Badges program is by creating your own custom Badges that other Attendees will want to wear proudly in their Badge Holder.  Reasons an Attendee may want to wear a Badge include: the hopes of winning a contest, brand loyalty, exclusivity of the badge or just because the badge is so dang entertaining.

To keep things simple, PDC Badges are the size of standard business cards (3.5”x2”).  Business card size templates are easy to find, but to make it easy I’ll provide a link to a business card template here.

A few Badge ideas that might help you get started include:

  • The Amazing Badge – This badge is so visually stunning attendees are compelled to show it off.  Your badge may include custom artwork, a humorous cartoon or even an LED display.
  • Win Me a Prize Badge – This badge could be tied to a contest where if Attendees are seen displaying your badge they have chance at being randomly selected to win a prize.  The bigger and better the prize the greater the participation, of course.
  • An Exclusive Badge – This badge is only given to a select amount of Attendees that attended some special event or were able to accomplish a certain achievement.  An example might be solving a puzzle at your booth or wearing a T-shirt given by you as swag.

If you do decide to create your own badge, let us know (make sure to put "Badge" in the subject line).  We’ll be looking out for the best ones to add to the Official PDC2008 Series.

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