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3D Views for WPF from Xceed

September 29, 2008

I remember a while ago in a blog entry that has been lost due to time and many blog redesigns, I posted about building a 3D Windows Explorer allowing you to search files by driving a Manta.  I’m pretty sure this was a UT-induced pipe dream and really not a good idea, but the idea of using 3D to enhance software applications is still a good one.

Luckily others than myself have taken the idea of 3D and run with it (in a good direction).  I spoke with Marc Laroche from Xceed who has been working on one of their latest products 3D Views for WPF.

Using their controls you can easily display your data in multiple 3D views.  There are many preset display themes available, but you can also see in the screenshot you can easily customize the look of the display in the Settings dialog.  Another cool feature to keep it simple is that you can customize each view (front, back, angled right, angled left) of the display card individually.

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