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Quake in Silverlight with 3D and Texture Mapping

October 21, 2008

QuakeLight, a Silverlight-based version of the classic game Quake, is a new project from Innoveware Solutions. Reading through Innoveware’s news stream you can see that they just started working with Silverlight around 2 months ago and they already have a pretty cool version of Quake up in running shown in the video.

Granted they appear to have some experience in porting games, but its pretty impressive when you read through the list of game features:

  • Correct BSP support.
  • Texture mapping rendering (with mipmapping and surface cache).
  • Faces rendering (no polygons or triangles yet).
  • Submodels rendering (moving walls, floors and doors).
  • Particles rendering.
  • Simple sprite rendering (no animated sprites yet).
  • Warp effect.
  • Sky and turbulent (water, swamp, lava) rendering.
  • Palette effects.
  • Client/server support (loop network protocol).
  • Demo playback.
  • Very preliminary game engine.

Next step is the skin models and the game engine.  And then after Quake is up and running, maybe they’ll go for HALO 🙂

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