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Cool hunting at PDC – Conchango’s Tesco project

November 4, 2008

PDC2008 was an awesome show with a great turnout.  This was the first year I was involved so much with the event crew so it was very interesting to see it from the logistics side.  A lot of great work done by a lot of people, congratulations to the whole PDC team!

Busy the first two days I was able to take time the next two days to run around with the camera and go cool hunting.  Being a UI guy, I was really interested in capturing the new work done with Windows 7, WPF, Surface and the HP Touchsmarts.  I ended up with 9 videos to post and I thought I’d lead off with Conchango’s Tesco project.  The WPF-based application is redefining how you order groceries online and the preview was so impressive it was shown during the Day Two Keynote (starts around 94:00).

After working and then shooting videos, I realized although I had gone to many events I hadn’t made it to a single session yet.  Luckily the realization came just in time and I was able to attend David Teitlebaum’s WPF Pixel Shaders and DirectX talk.

Now having missed almost every session, I have quite about of catching up to do with the online PDC2008 videos on Channel 9.  Along with the page on Ch9, I’ve also found Mike Swanson’s PDC2008 Sessions list to be quite useful, especially when you know the title or speaker of the session you are looking for.

My goal is to release the rest of my PDC2008 videos this week, so expect to see an unusual flurry on the Continuum Show page.

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