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Multi-touch enlightenment with IdentityMine and Vectorform

November 7, 2008

Something about companies with compound names…

Being a UI guy, one of the biggest impressions PDC2008 left on me was Multi-touch.  This is the first time I’ve seen it done in so many forms.  There were Surface tables everywhere, in the Lounges, Hand-on Labs, Exhibitor booths, in the hallways and even in rare cases under the escalators.

Along with the abundance of Surface tables came the abundance of applications written specifically for Surface.  Multi-touch at this scale presents a new design challenge and opportunity, these aren’t your basic data entry apps. 

IdentityMine had all of the Multi-touch bases covered. On a whirlwind tour of their booth, provided by Kurt Brockett and Meg McAllister, we get to see their Photo Sharing app running on Surface, their Photo Slideshow app using NextWindow touch screens and their AirHockey game running on an HP Touchsmart running Windows 7.

As an added bonus, Gilbert Corrales and Laurent Bugnion make a quick cameo in this Hollywood worthy action film.

You can see more IdentityMine’s Surface work on their Surface technology page.

In this video, Vectorform performs using their SurfaceDJ application.  Not only is it Multi-touch, WPF-based, Surface-enabled and spouting out fun electronic beats;  it is also a great example of a new collaborative type of application.  This app makes me want my own Surface table.

Check out Vectorform’s Surface blog to see some of their other Surface applications. Yes, they are the ones behind NBC’s Electoral application.

With the video interviews and the working and the talking and the more talking, I missed every session but one.  Here a few of the relevant Multi-touch sessions, pulled from Mike Swanson’s PDC2008 Sessions page, I plan on catching up on.

Did you get access to the Surface SDK?  Are you building something with it?  If you are, I’d love to hear about it.

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