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Continuum on Channel9

November 12, 2008

Continuum on Channel9

The Continuum on Channel 9 is now open for business.  Its a central hub for the different online projects coming from myself and my team, including The Continuum Show, Project Rosetta and Continuum News.

What is the Client Continuum?
The Client Continuum is way to view all of the Microsoft UI technologies, currently focusing on WPF, Silverlight, Windows 7, IE8, ASP.NET and Surface.  If you look at these different technologies along a line, the range covers very rich client applications to far-reaching web applications, as well as spanning across many different devices.  Once you look at that and and realize you use the same skills, languages and tools to create these applications, then you start to smile.

What is The Continuum Show?
The Continuum Show is, not surprisingly, a show focused on the Client Continuum.  The object is to create concise videos that show great applications, tools or demos that people are creating with Continuum technologies.  The unwritten rule is if the video goes over 5 minutes, than we make an Essentials version that remixes the content down to 5 minutes or less.  We’re going for "short and interesting" and a little bit of "inspiring".

What are the Project "Rosetta Stone" Tutorials?
The Project "Rosetta Stone" Tutorials are focused on helping designers and developers build applications by taking advantage of skills they already know.  The initial launch includes the set of lessons From Flash to Silverlight.

If you have ideas for more lessons and tutorials that will help you learn how to do WPF or Silverlight, head over to the feedback forum and make your suggestion.

What about Continuum News?
Fresh information about what’s happening in the world of the Client Continuum.  Currently this is generated by targeted posts from my blog and the site also includes a buffet of Recommended Reading.  Target posting goal is around 0.7 – 2 posts a day.  Quality high, quantity negotiable.

What’s your conclusion?
If you are designing or developing applications for WPF, Silverlight or another Continuum technology than this mass of content will ideally be one or more of the following: relevant, interesting, inspiring, helpful and make you feel good to know there are others like you.

If its not, let me know.  Send me an email or add a comment below.

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