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Quickly Redesigning a Silverlight-based Twitter application

November 13, 2008

In 10 minutes, Celso Gomes redesigns a working Silverlight-based Twitter application using Expression Blend 2.

The fact that he is redesigning the working application without touching any code or breaking anything is awesome.  Not only do you avoid the "throw it over the wall" model, but you can also run the application during design work, similar to hitting refresh when editing CSS.

Celso walks through some of the nicer features in Blend including:

  • Resources – similar to a CSS class in theory, but much more functionality available
  • Copy elements between projects – the beauty of persisting design elements in XAML
  • User Controls – encapsulating functionality into an object like a movie clip.
  • Custom Buttons – you can highlight a graphic element and the click "Make a Button" and you gain all of the functionality of a Button (visual states MouseOver, Click, etc.)
  • Richer Control templates – A ListBox is used to display the Twitter messages, and he restyles the item template once that then changes the appearance of messages.

If you like this video, you can find more Expression Training Videos on the Expression Community site.

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