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XAML Power Toys from Karl Shifflett

November 24, 2008

Karl Shifflett is someone you know you should know when you first meet him.  He’s a super smart guy who builds great tools for WPF and is obviously having a good time while he’s doing it.

One of the first projects he was involved with was Mole for Visual Studio an object visualizer Add In.  If you haven’t heard about you can check out the Mole Introduction video.

Karl stopped by the studio to talk about his latest project XAML Power Toys.  A new Visual Studio Add In that can decrease your development time by generating hefty amounts of code.  Similar to other code-generation tools, the Add In inspects a business object which then provides options for you to create input forms.  XAML Power Toys stand apart though by the amount of control you have over what is created using a drag and drop designer that provides detailed property access like control type, max length and data formatting.

The Toys also include an awesome Grid Editor which can save you a ton of time when editing by inserting or removing rows.  Roundtrip editing is definitely a feature that Karl thinks is important and has done a good job of implementing.

Along with all of this editing functionality is great customization.  You can choose what XAML is outputted per control and you can even use your own custom controls.

And now for the big finish, both WPF and Silverlight are supported!

Check out the XAML Power Toys, Karl’s tutorial videos and Karl’s blog.  In the video he mentions a larger framework he’s working on codenamed “Ocean”, which apparently marks “XAML Power Toys” as an appetizer to the upcoming main course.

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