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DeepEarth – Maps served using Deep Zoom in Silverlight

November 30, 2008
DeepEarth Screenshots - Virtual Earth
DeepEarth Screenshots - OpenStreetMap
DeepEarth Screenshots - OpenStreetMap Cycle

DeepEarth is a prototype of an interactive map using the Deep Zoom functionality of Silverlight.  The project is developed by the community and the code is available on CodePlex.

You may have seen the previous demo video before but the current demo site has been recently updated to reflect the latest changes, including a enhanced interface along with the addition of a few new services.

Along with the original Virtual Earth data you can choose from different data sources including OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap (Now we just need OpenPedestrianMap (I checked, the domain is available)).  This is interesting not only because you can compare data, but it also shows the richness of the application switching services and data without inconveniencing the user.

Although drawing and routing functionality looks like its starting to show up in the application, the viewing experience is worth taking the time to check out.  We all know by now that online maps use the Image Pyramid method to provide multi-scale resolutions of maps.  Serving up the image tiles via Deep Zoom smoothes out the perception of the images loading.

This is also a prime example of using the full screen as resolution independent very effectively.  How cool is it talk about the world with your kids using an interactive map that spans across 64 inches?  They’re so lucky 🙂

DeepEarth Screenshots - Multiple screens

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