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Extending the Surface experience in the BMW app

December 1, 2008

Although quite a few people have linked to this video already, I wanted to point out something interesting.  Not that you wouldn’t catch it if you watched the movie. But with the comments of “familiar resizing, option selecting interaction”, you may not take the 2 minutes to check it out.

First off this is important because its a valid real-world usage of the Surface.  It’s really fun to watch these pop up more and more.

Secondly, what I liked about the application was the added vertical surface (seen at 0:58).  Not only does this create an editor and viewer screen available at the same time, it also works in the favor of the user.  You’re used to manipulating things with your hands on a vertical surface.  But the viewer showing the accompanying video is familiar as watching TV.

Nice inspiration for creating new applications, congrats to BMW and Vectorform.

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