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Oh, Oxite, we love this open source .NET blog software

December 9, 2008

Oxite, an open source, standards compliant, extensible CMS was "hard-launched" today, much to the delight and excitement of quite a few people.  We "soft-launched" it Friday night but you probably didn’t hear about it. 

When the time came to relaunch MIX Online the new team met with the Channel 9 dev team and a new opportunity was born.  The MIX team had a few themes in mind; Content, Bits, Design and Standards.  (For the full story check out Nishant Kothary’s Web Design from the Gut article on the design process from the beginning).

The Channel 9 dev team saw an opportunity to take all of what they’ve learned from building sites like Channel 9, Ch8, 10 and TechNet Edge and mix it with the goodness that is ASP.NET MVC.

You can hear more about the dev team’s thoughts from Erik and Nathan in this interview. (I apologize for the lack of "So" filter and my sleepiness in this video.  I had little sleep the night before. I know, I know, no excuses…)

Not quite a few people are excited about this sample, which is what it is.  Its not a product, but is a working sample/starter kit that you can use as a blog like the MIX Online site or you can use to learn ASP.NET MVC.

Here’s a few of the posts on Oxite today:

In Jeff’s post he mentions this came from a side project that Duncan and I had been working back when I was on the team.  This is true in some sense, we did have our own blog software called Oxite with highly configurable XHTML output.  I’m actually still running it today with this post.

But, I believe that the Channel 9 dev team has mainly inherited the name along with the spirit of a simple easy to configure blog.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid…or in this case Smartie.

I’ve been tracking the project as the guys have been working on it and I’m excited to crack it open and replace my correct blog with it.  Now that we all have a single code-base and format we agree on, I’m looking forward to what comes next.

I want to start adding next release features and cool components.  Now I just need to join the Oxite CodePlex project and get the import code from Duncan 🙂

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